Turbo 30 - 35 - 40

Powder Putty for Drywall


TURBO is a quick catch putty obtained to an selection mix of plaster, inert and chimical addictions, wich give the mixtue an plastic appearance and easy to use.


TURBO is specifically studied for to be used in the grounting of joints between plasterboard sheets, for grounting of fixing screw heads, for the repair of small plaster parts or damaged plasterboards. It is also used in laying of the corner guards and in the finishes of internal coners with perforated tape.


Before to application the TURBO putty, we must make sure that the plasterboard sheets are clean. Any friable or dusty parts, old paintings and fouling, must be removed beforehand. Spread Turbo into a container containing clean water until the surface veil disappears (about 1,6 kg of product every 1 liter of water). For the dough for the first coat, use a larger amount of product. Let everything rest for 3-4 minutes, in order to hydrate the powder, then mix with a hand trowel, until obtaining a homogeneous paste with the right consistency. The putty must be able to remain on american spatula, without slipping away. Avoid adding more material once mixing has begun. To avoid waste, it is advisable to prepare the amount of putty needed to be consumed in about 40 minutes of work.


Store the product in a dry place away from humidity. The bags must be stored without any direct contact with the ground and protected from possible dripping. Consume the product within 6 months from the production date.

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