Metallic Ceilings

Metal Panels Ceilings

The Star Metal is a line of modular metal panels combines the practicality typical of false ceilings with outstanding acoustic properties and an elegant modern design.

These galvanised steel panels feature a post-painted coating of electrostatically applied polyester powder paint which makes the panels almost eternal. With respect to prepainted panels this techniques offers major resistance to humidity and abrasion and total protection against corrosion as well as a very attractive surface finish. The standard antistatic and bacteriostatic treatment which the panels undergo prevents the growth of bacteria and fungi and acts as a dust barrier making cleaning and sterilization fast and simple, ensuring that these false ceilings are ideal for sterile rooms or environments which require a high level of hygiene.

A special hole system and the use of sound absorbing fabrics ensure that these panels have outstanding acou¬stic properties while the assembly system makes them easy to install, inspect and adapt to any environment.

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